About Problem@home

PechInHuis aims to bring our customers into contact with professionals. When there is a problem in or around the house or there is a kiss that needs to be done, our customers can go here.

PechInHuis is part of the ArxGroep. We help 15,000 households annually with their utilities and other related products and services. For example, we help you find and connect Energy, telecom, simOnly, insurance and many other products and services.

With our platforms we guarantee national coverage and PechInHuis has more than 4,000 professionals from which to select in the following categories;

  • All-round handyman company
  • Glazier
  • Carpenter
  • Roofer
  • Plumber
  • Locksmith
  • Electrician
  • Window washer
  • Cleaner
  • White goods repair

By indicating which discipline you need and entering your zip code, a number of companies are shown that are currently working in your area. You can select this and place it in the shopping cart. It doesn’t matter how much you select and add. You can also search and add multiple disciplines. You pay and you will receive a full overview of all the details of the professionals in your email.

You can then contact us and schedule an appointment, job done!

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