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    Registration at Problem@Home is free and without obligation. Problem@Home is part of the ArxGroep. We have created this platform to assist the customers we serve with our different labels in their homes.

    For example, we help 15,000 households annually with regard to utilities. We help them to connect with the various suppliers. We do this for both Dutch and Expats throughout the Netherlands.

    We have noticed that there is a need for a platform that stands for good direct and honest services. We provide this to our customers by assisting them in their living situation from the first day they move into the home. With PechinHuis we have been able to create a platform that our customers can use when they have a problem in or around the home.

    The listing on PechInHuis is completely free of charge and without obligation. By registering yourself you can receive assignments via our platform. We ensure that every company active on our platform is found via the search functionality.

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